Invalid login token. Issuer doesn't match providerName when using Authing + Cognito Identity pool

Greetings, everyone. Firstly, sorry for writing this post in english instead of Chinese.

I am facing problems here. I am trying to use Authing as a user pool combined with AWS - Cognito identity pool. I am using SAML for creating the Identity pool and for 'protocol configuration ’ over Authing self built app.

I am getting the following error message: Invalid login token. Issuer doesn’t match providerName when I am trying to call fromCognitoIdentityPool to retrieve the credentials from AWS.
the pattern I am using to configure ‘fromCognitoIdentityPool’ is:
identityPoolId: ‘my-identity-pool-id’,
logins: {
‘’: user!.token!,

I would appreciate any help or guidance. Thanks in advance.